Once upon a time there was a kingdom, we will call Camelot.  The people of Camelot wanted new castles, each with their own idea of their place to call home.  The royalty of the kingdom wanted high end homes with the luxuries that appealed to their life styles.  Others in the kingdom had simple ideas, too busy to contend with large home maintenance. The needs of many demanded an answer to their dream homes. 

It was the Kingdoms consensuses the answer was in the sword, named Excalibur. The builder who could pull Excalibur free, was the answer to the kingdoms demands. 

Many builders attempted to free Excalibur and failed.  Along came Sir Andrew.  He believed all the people in the kingdom should have the homes they desired.  Sir Andrew, with great confidence approached the sword and with two hands freed Excalibur from the stone.  

The Kingdom shouted with great joy “Long Live the Builder, Sir Andrew!” 

Sir Andrew grew the kingdom, supplying the demand throughout the land!  

From castles in Powder Horn, to building for the Knights in Aspen Grove, to the retired in Woodland Park, Sir Andrew accommodated the many.  

Building homes. Selling homes. Remodeling Castles. Long lives the legend of the western region, building homes of all shapes and sizes and bringing great joy to the kingdom! 

Camelot Realty will sell your home, Excalibur will remodel it. Together, we will provide extraordinary results with a less then ordinary approach!

Ancient Magic Sword Excalibur in the stone of King Arthur in Camelot Village